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Title[Event] The Microsoft Azure Virtual Hackathlon 2021
DateJan 12, 2021

The Microsoft Azure Virtual Hackathon 2021 invites students in Korea to solve real-world business challenges using Azure AI tools. Themes this year surround, i) Education, ii) Telecommunications, iii) Finance & Banking, iv) Healthcare and v) Wildcard. 


All participants will have access to free Microsoft Azure credits worth USD$200 to help facilitate their ideas for their application submission, a 5-10-page ppt. 


Our challenge platform allows students to participate in the challenge 100% online. With three stages to a challenge, i) Application, ii) Mentorship and iii) Final event, selected finalist teams will have the opportunity to be mentored online by Microsoft experts, and a potential to win cash prizes , exposure, and business opportunities.  

Application: https://discover-ai-with-microsoft.agorize.com/en/challenges/msazurevirtualhack-2021?t=Pnx1xo8qQeStF6QUT5qDog&utm_source=agorize_community_crm&utm_medium=network&utm_campaign=kr_professors


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