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Title[Event] OWN Future Fair 2021
DateJan 18, 2021

OWN Future Fair is an opportunity for students to network, get internships, and find mentorships. Our goal is to help students shape their future and find a career/path that best suits their skills, interests, and goals. OWN Future Fair is one of many events that OWN Academy hosts every year that focuses on real world learning and experience. Since universities are there to help students prepare for what's next, we believe what we are doing is well aligned with the goals and values of Yonsei University.

About OWN Future Fair (learn more on our website):
- 18 speakers from companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, YouTuber with 2 million followers, Influencers with 330k followers, Cathay Pacific, SCMP, Standard Chartered and more
- 1 hour session per speaker that includes a speaker presentation and Q&A
- Internship, mentorship, and networking opportunity for students
- Insight and advice from industry leaders
- Meet students from all over the world
FREE for students via a survey
- Online format in English

Welcome to Asia’s most innovative and diverse future exploration event for secondary and university students.
Get to meet, engage, and learn from top industry professionals from 21 industries to inspire, help you figure out and plan your future.
This will be an on-going series and we are running the second event on March 27, 2021. More details to come.

Friday 29th January: 04:00 to 06:00pm HKT

Saturday 30th January: 11:00 to 3:00pm HKT 


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