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Title[UNITAR Jeju] The 15th Youth Workshop <Chanllenging inequalities: Pathways to Sustainable Future>
DateJan 08, 2020

The 15th Youth Workshop

Challenging Inequalities : 

Pathways to Sustainable Future

I. Overview

l  Hosts: UNITAR CIFAL Jeju(JITC), Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

l  Organizers: UNITAR CIFAL Jeju

l  Date: February 19th (Wed) to 21st (Fri), 2020

l  Venue: JejuBooyoung Youth Center

l  Contents: Workshop and field visits

l  Mission

-    Let's take initiatives to address inequalities for sustainable future 

l  Objectives

      - Through a three-day training for domestic and foreign university students, we aim to provide an opportunity to move towards a sustainable future.


    - In order to move towards a sustainable future, we aim to encourage young people with various nationalities to have a sense of community and partnership to 

     address inequalities as global citizens.

l  Benefits

-    Maximum airfare of 80,000 KRW*, meals, accommodation, gifts, fees, and UNITAR certification

* Not applicable to those who live in Jeju


l  Contents

-       Day 1: Opening ceremony, Special lectures, Field Trip, Group Discussions

-       Day 2: Talk Concert, Field Trip, Group Discussions

-       Day 3: Presentation of group discussions, Closing ceremony


l  How to Apply

-   Submit an online application form through  https://forms.gle/GRfwuv6eWKazryQdA  (Deadline : 21 Jan 2020)

                      · Successful applicants will be notified through email on 31 Jan 2020

                      · Participation fee : KRW 30,000 (TBC)

Ø  Inquiries

UNITAR Jeju International Training Center(JITC)




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