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Overall Policy

Basic Qualifications for Internship Credit Approval & Financial Support

  • Full-time Internship (5 days, 9:00–17:00)
  • Period: At least 10 weeks or more (Maximum of 30 weeks) 
  • Limited to legitimate companies or organizations that are pertinent to the student’s academic studies or future career plans. 
  • Please read the Regulation for Long Term Internship into Academic Credits      
  • An applicant must turn in his or her internship credit approval forms PRIOR at the beginning of the internship - there will be no exceptions given towards late application forms.  


- CDC no longer accepts late submission of credit approval application under any circumstances. If a student needs to graduate with the internship credits, please check the procedures in advance and make sure to turn it in PRIOR at the beginning of the internship

- Any research institution affiliated with a university (educational institution) cannot be considered as a proper institution to acquire internship credits.

- After submitting the Internship Approval Form, Internship Credit Approval Form, and/or Financial Aid Form in hard copies, all additional transactions must be sent via email to cdc_internship@yonsei.ac.kr.  

Credit Conversion Chart 

      Weekly Based                        Hourly Based

*Note: Number of credits awarded may be adjusted after evaluation of report and presentation. 


Procedure of Internship Credit Approval

1. Complete the Internship Approval Form and Internship Credit Approval Form and submit the documents to CDC PRIOR at the beginning of the internship. If the student requires financial aid, he or she needs to submit the Financial Aid Form with the forms stated above.

2. Get a signature by the program chair* for the Internship Approval Form and submit it to the CDC with the Internship Credit Approval Form (signature from the CDC chair is not required)

* Program Chair *
KSP - Kim, Hyuk-Rae (김혁래)
PIC - John Delury
ITFM - Hahm, Joon Ho (함준호) 
Global Studies - Kim, Dong-Jae (김동재)
3. After submitting the forms above, CDC will send a confirmation email to the student to verify the collected information. A student must send a reply whether he/she agrees or not since the application process will be finalized once the CDC receives an email stating that the student agrees with the information.

4. When there are any changes (e.g., internship duration and presentation semester/year), a student must notify the changes to CDC via email (cdc_internship@yonsei.ac.kr).

5. After finishing the internship, submit the Internship Evaluation Form to the company/institution where the student is working at. The supervisor should give the completed form to the student sealed in an envelope or mail it directly to CDC.

6. A student should submit the Internship Report (soft copy) and Internship Presentation materials (via email) by the given date specified by CDC.  

7. A student will have to make a presentation on a given date* (after finishing the internship) regarding his/her internship experience. The CDC chair will evaluate his/her presentation.

*Internship presentation date will be scheduled one week prior to the final reading week, which is two weeks prior to the final exam weeks. (e.g. Final exam weeks of Fall 2017 is from December 7 to December 21. Then the presentation will be scheduled on a day between November 20 (Mon) and November 24 (Fri).)

8. A student must complete the Post-Internship Survey (via email*) provided by the CDC. *cdc_internship@yonsei.ac.kr

9. After the paperwork is finished, the CDC chair will give s student the final score based on the Internship Report, Internship Presentation, and Supervisor Evaluation.   

10. The GSIS dean will give the final approval for credits (2-6 credits).

*Note: A student must finish the internship by a week before the expected presentation date.


Financial Aid for Internship Abroad 

Assistance Principle: 

  • Based on the Internship report and the evaluation received.
  • Financial Aid can only be provided for internships abroad.
  • Basic allowance based on the lowest airfare transacted only by cash and credit payments will be rewarded (no reimbursements of mileage transacted airfares)
  • The financial assistance cannot exceed a total of KRW 2,000,000  including airfare expenses.
  • If the internship is in the country of a student’s origin or in Korea, financial aid will NOT be given.

Approval Procedure for Financial Assistance: 

The process of financial assistance is the same as the procedure of internship credit approval. A student must apply for the financial assistance PRIOR to the beginning of the internship when he/she submits Internship Approval Form.

After finishing the internship, student MUST submit (in hard copies):

1) A copy of bank account

2) Receipts of all the expenses (airfare, accomodation, and personal expense)

3) Financial Aid Form for Internship Abroad


Financial Aid on International Conferences/Seminars

  • If a student attends an international conference or seminar as the representative of GSIS (at least one week (5 days) to three weeks), the student needs to complete the Seminar Approval Form with a signature from the program chair and CDC director and submit it to CDC before the seminar starts.
  • Submit the Seminar Report after returning to Korea.
  • A Student can only apply for financial aid once a year.
  • Maximum of 50% of the airfare will be paid, based on the evaluation.
  • Based on the Seminar report and the evaluation received.
  • Financial Aid can only be provided for conferences/seminars abroad.
  • If the conference/seminar is in the country of a student’s origin or in Korea, financial aid will NOT be given.
  • After finishing the internship, student MUST submit (in hard copies):

    1) A copy of bank account

    2) Receipts of airfare

    3) Seminar Report


Financial assistance of Master’s/Doctoral Thesis Presentation Abroad

Financial Aid Policy: 

  • A student has to participate as a GSIS representative
  • Within one year after graduation and once per student
  • Maximum of 50% of the airfare will be paid
  • If the country is in the country of a student’s origin, financial aid will NOT be given.


  • Submit the invitation to the Conference before departure
  • Upon return, submit receipts, paper/thesis and presentation materials and a copy of bank account.


*Note: All the hard copies collected from a student can be returned to the student after the entire process is done. If the student does not recollect the copies within three years, the copies will be disposed.



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