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Kim, Donghun (김동훈)

Professor of Economics
Ph.D. in Economics, Cornell University, August 2002
Industrial Organization, Energy Policy, Trade and Development

82-2-2123-6287 · Room : 608

Professor Donghun KIM received his Ph.D at Cornell University in 2002. Before joining the GSIS of Yonsei University, he taught at the University of Connecticut and the International University of Japan. He also worked at the Korean Central Bank as an economist. His current teaching and research is focused on the various issues in competition policy and antitrust, energy policy, trade and  development
  • Ph.D. in Economics, Cornell University, August 2002
  • B.A in Economics, Yonsei University, February, 1993
Courses and Current Research Area
  • Competition and Industry Analysis
  • Quantitative Methods for Policy Analysis
  • Economics of International Development
  • Seminar on Energy Policy Analysis
Academic Publications

1. Books

Theory of Industrial Organization (산업조직론, 공저), 박영사, 2016

2. Journal Publications

Estimation of Social Discount Rate with Climate Change Uncertainty: The Case of Korea (with Kang, J.H, Um, J.H., Jung, T.Y), Journal of Climate Change Research, 2019, Vol.10(4), pp.255~264.

Evaluation Criteria of Independent Hybrid Energy Systems (with Jung T.Y, Moon, J.W, Lim,S.K), International Journal of Low-Carbon Technologies, 2019, Vol.14(4), pp.493~499.

사회적 자본 지수의 계측(공저), 한국경제포럼, 2019, Vol.12(1), pp. 1~26

Price Response, Information and Asymmetry of Price Dispersion (with Choi, B.S, Cho,.H.J), 2019. Applied Economics, Vol.51(30), pp.4270~4281

Risk Analysis for Optimal Independent Renewable Energy System(with Jung T.Y, Moon, J.W, Lim, S.K ), 2018, New and Renewable Energy, 14(4), pp.46~56

A Scenario Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic Grid Parity in the Maldives: The Case of Malahini Resort(with Jung T.Y, Moon, J.W, Lim, S.K), 2018, Sustainability, 10, 4045, pp.1~14

북한 개성공단 재개시 필요한 정책개선에 대한 연구 (최천운, 정태용공저) , 2018, 통일연구, 22(2), pp.87~126.

북한지역 경제특구의 입지분석 연구 (최천운, 정태용공저),  국가전략, 2018, 23(4), pp.61~86

A New Approach to Measuring a Multidimensional Productivity Index: An Application for 60 Selected Countries, Global Economic Review, 2018

Edgeworth Price Cycle and Asymmetric Price Responses (with Choi, B.S), Korean Energy Economic Review, 2018, 17(1), pp.213~240

A Solar Energy Systemw with Energy Storage System for Kandooma Island, Maldives(with Jung, T.Y), Korean Energy Economic Review, 2017, 16(2), pp.33-56

Capital Structure and Investment Financing of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Vietnam, Global Economic Review, 2017, 46(3), pp.325-349

The Impact of Nuclear Power Generation on Industrial Competitiveness: A Cross-Country Comparison of Industrial Electricity Price Reduction Effect (wth Choi, B.S), Environmental and Resource Economic Review 2016, 25(3), pp.449-470

Offshore Banking and Economic Growth: A Cross-Country Analysis, Global Economic Review, 2015, 44(3), pp.308-323

The Ripple Effects of Deregulation on Employment, Production and Exports: The Case of Korean Motorcycle Industry (with Lee, D.H and Ko,B.H), Journal of Korean Economy,  2014, 21(2), pp.247-274

Estimation of the Effects of Imported Automobiles on Social Welfare in Korea, East and West Studies, 2014, 26(4), pp.149-169

Spatial Price Competition in the Korean Retail Gasoline Market (with J. Lee), Environmental and Resource Economic Review, 2014, 23(4), pp.553-581.

Testing Inter-temporal Budget Constraints: Fiscal Sustainability in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan (with Uddin Alma, Makoto Kakinaka), East and West Studies, Vol 26(2), pp.59-86.

Dynamics of Market Power over the Product Life-Cycle: The Case of DRAM Industry (with Osamu Yoshioka), Journal of Korean Economy, 2013, Vol 20(2), pp.161-185

Competitive Effects of Independent Gas Stations (with Kim,H.G, Lee, J.Y), Korean Journal of Industrial Organization, 2012, 20(3), pp.1-21.

An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Employment and Profit among Korean Companies (with Kang, H.B. and Baek, N.K.), 2012, Vol.15(2), pp.1-24.  

Mark-ups and Rent Sharing: The Case of Korean Manufacturing Firms(with Kap-Young Jeong), Global Economic Review, 2012, 41(2), pp.131-145.

An Analysis of the Effects of Mobile Handset Subsidies on Consumer Welfare(with Sungho Choi), Information and Society, December 2011 Vol 21(1), pp.1-24

Dynamics of firm growth and profitability: The Case of Japanese Manufacturing Firms (with  Akihiko Nakano) , Global Economic Review, 2011, Vol.40(1), pp.67-81.

Willingness to Pay for Digital Contents in Japan (with  Philip Sugai), Economics Bulletin, 2010,Vol 30, no.3, pp 1745-1752.

An Empirical Analysis of Market Power in the Dallas-Forth Worth Milk Market, International Area Studies, 2010, 14(3)3, pp.31-53

How Do Remittances Affect Poverty in Developing Countries: A Quantile Regression Analysis (with Neil Moises Serino) forthcoming, Journal of Economic Development.

China's Share of U.S Import and Exchange Rate Pass-through to U.S. Import Prices, (Jianhuan Zhou), China & World Economy, Vol.19(3),  2011, pp.87-104.

Infrastructure and Human Development: The Case of Java, Indonesia (with H.Krushrjanto), Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy.,2011, February, pp.111.-124.

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Testing a Profitability-Concentration Relationship: An Empirical Study, Journal of Econometric Analysis of Northeast Asia, Vol.5, No.2, October, 2005.

The Determinants of Inbound Tourism in Laos (with Latsay Phakdisoth), ASEAN Economic Bulletin, Vol.24, No.2, 2007.

Estimation of the Effects of New Brands on Incumbents’ Profits and Consumer Welfare: The U.S. Processed Cheese Market Case, Review of Industrial Organization, November ,2004, Vol 25, Issue 3, pp.275-293.

3. Policy Research Reports

공급과잉산업의 적정기준과 사업재편 정책 개선방안 연구, 산업통상자원부, 2017

사회적 자본 지수 편제, 한국생산성본부, 2017

글로벌 생산성 지수 편제, 한국생산성본부, 2017

판매자 및 소비자 행태가 주유소 가격 비대칭성에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구, 에너지경제연구원, 2016

원전비중확대에 따른 기업경쟁력 경쟁력 강화에 대한 실증분석, 에너지경제연구원, 2015

시장구조조사 개선방안 마련을 위한 연구용역(공저), 공정거래위원회, 2014

이동통신사-대리점 간 판매장려금의 경제적 효과에 대한 연구, 공정거래위원회, 2013

이륜자동차 산업의 규제완화에 따른 고용, 생산 및 수출의 파급효과(공저), 김앤장법률사무소, 2013

에너지 가격 구조 합리화를 위한 정책 제도 개선 방안, 시장경제연구원, 2013

에너지산업 선진화와 경쟁도입에 관한 연구, 지식경제부, 2012

수송용 유류세 개편 연구(공저), 한국 자원경제학회, 2012

석유시장의 경쟁현황과 정책과제(공저), 시장경제연구원, 2012

인터넷 오픈마켓의 거래현황과 경쟁에 대한 연구(공저), 한국전자거래학회, 2012

KT의 OTS 결합상품 판매의 경쟁효과에 대한 연구(공저), 시장경제연구원, 2012

가짜/탈세석유 유통현황과 근절방안에 대한 연구(공저),한국자원경제학회, 2012

Top Contributing FDI Firms in Asia(공저), 세계지식포럼/매일경제신문사

통신시장의 생태변화와 정책대응에 관한 연구: 이동통신 단말기 제조사의 장려금 관행을 중심으로(공저), 시장경제연구원, 2010

국내 대형할인점 시장구조개편 및 경쟁제한성에 관한 연구 (공저) 산업조직학회, 2006


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