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Mo, Jongryn (모종린)
Chair of International Cooperation Program
Professor of International Political Economy
Ph.D. Political Economics, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, 1992
Formal political theory, political economy of development, East Asian regionalism

82-2-2123-4008 · Room : 609

Jongryn Mo is a professor of international political economy at Graduate School of International Studies. He served as the dean of Underwood International College at Yonsei University. He is also research fellow at the Hoover Institution. Prior to joining Yonsei, he was an assistant professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin. His field of specialization is in international political economy, East Asian development, political economics, and political bargaining. He currently serves as advisor to the Presidential Council on National Competitiveness.
  • Ph.D. Political Economics, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, 1992
  • M.S. Social Science, California Institute of Technology, 1986
  • B.A. Economics, Cornell University, 1985
Research and Academic Employment
  • Assistant Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin, September 1991 - August 1996
  • National Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University, July 1995 - August 1996
  • Director, Center for International Studies, Yonsei University, March 1999 – August 2002
  • Associate Dean, Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University, September 2004 – August 2005
  • Dean, Underwood International College, February 2005 – 2008
  • Visiting Professor, Institute of East Asian Studies, Keio University, January-February 2008
Courses and Current Research Area
  • International Political Economy, Globalization of Korean Society
  • Political Bargaining, Political Agenda Setting, Transparency in Governmental Decision-Making, Sanctions
    Visit www.rig.or.kr to view his recent papers and research materials.
Academic Publications
  • “Does the United States Need a New East Asian Anchor?: The Case for United States-Japan-Korea Trilateralism.” Asia Policy, January 2010.

  • “The Korean Economic System Ten Years after the Crisis.” Crisis as Catalyst, eds. John Ravenhill, T.J. Pempel and Andrew McIntyre. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2009.

  • "What Does South Korea Want?: Less U.S., More Self-Reliance " Policy Review, 142, April & May 2007.

  • From Crisis to Opportunity: Financial Globalization and East Asian Capitalism (co-edited with Daniel Okimoto). Stanford, CA: The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center, 2006.

  • The Challenge of East Asian Liberal Arts Education (co-edited with Chaihark Hahm). Seoul: Oreum Publishing House, 2006.

  • "Public Diplomacy and North Korea Policy: Diverging Effects of U.S. Messages in the United States and South Korea" (with Kyu S. Hahn). Journal of East Asian Studies, 5, May-August. 2005.

  • “The Microfoundations of the Developmental State and the Asian Financial Crisis,” Global Economic Review, 34: 65-82 (March 2005).

  • “Business-Government Relations under Kim Dae-Jung.” In Economic Crisis and Corporate Restructuring in Korea, eds. Stephen Haggard, Wonhyuk Lim and Euysung Kim. Cambridge University Press, 2003.  

  • “Ending Economic Sanctions: Agent Veto and Corruption as Commitment Strategies,” Journal of Conflict Resolution, August 2001

  • “Political Culture and Legislative Gridlock: Politics of Economic Reform in Pre-crisis Korea,” Comparative Political Studies, June 2001.

  • “The Political Economy of the Korean Financial Crisis” (with Stephan Haggard). Review of International Political Economy (Summer 2000).

  • “Strategic Alliances as a Corporate Response to Protectionism.” The Pacific Review, 12: 557-580 (December 1999).

  • “Korea after the Crash” (with Chung-in Moon). Journal of Democracy, 10 (July 1999).

  • Democracy and the Korean Economy (with Chung-in Moon). Stanford, CA: Hoover Institution Press, 1998.

  • "Political Learning and Democratic Consolidation: Korean Industrial Relations, 1987-1992." Comparative Political Studies (July 1996).

  • "Domestic Institutions and International Bargaining: The Role of Agent Veto in Two-Level Games." American Political Science Review, 89: 914-924, December 1995.

  • "The Logic of Two-level Games with Endogenous Domestic Coalitions." Journal of Conflict Resolution, 38: 402-422, September 1994.

  • "Electoral Systems and Institutional Choice" (with David Brady). Comparative Political Studies, 24:405-429, January 1992.

  • "Urbanization and Voter Turnout in Korea: An Update" (with David Brady and Jae-hun Ro). Political Behavior, 13:21-31, 1991.

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