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Subject(Visa) What kind of visa will I need to study in Korea? Will Yonsei GSIS help me with the visa application?

The visa requirement differs on a case by case basis depending on nationality and the particular situation that the student is in.

a. If the applicant is outside of Korea
If you are accepted into our program after submitting required documents such as the Verification of Deposit (VOD), a Certificate of Admission will be issued for you after we have confirmed your tuition payment. This certificate will allow you to apply for a D-2 student visa at your local Korean consulate. We highly encourage you to apply for the D-2 visa before arriving in Seoul.

b. If the applicant is in Korea under D-4 or D-2 visa
It is extremely important for you to take care of your visa before entering GSIS. You should not terminate the courses you are currently enrolled in before receiving a new student visa (D-2). If your current visa is about to expire but you're not prepared to change your visa status, you should request an extension. 

c. If the applicant is in Korea under a working visa
If you are planning to stay under a current working visa during the whole 2 years of your study, you do not need to submit the Verification of Deposit (VOD). However, you must get permission from the Korean Immigration Office to study at GSIS.

d. If the applicant is under an F-4 visa
This visa category is reserved for Overseas Korean residents whom the Minister of Justice permits to stay in Korea for special reasons. If you are under this visa, you do not need to submit the Verification of Deposit or receive a permit to study.

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