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Subject(Scholarships) What kind of scholarships are available?

There are two main kinds of scholarships that students at Yonsei GSIS receive – institutional and external scholarships.


For incoming students, you may be considered for the Incoming Student Award. This scholarship does not require a separate application – we simply consider the entire pool of incoming students and select the most eligible. The scholarship may waive starting from 1/6 ~100% from the tuition fees, depending on enrollment and budget. This scholarship is only provided during a student’s first semester and is not automatically renewed. 

Students wishing to receive scholarships in the subsequent semesters must meet the academic and need-based requirements for additional aid. They may apply for Financial Aid or be eligible for the Dean’s Scholarship after completing their first semester.



The second type of scholarship is that offered by another institution. The main is the Korean Government Scholarship Program by NIIED. It requires separate applications and is only available once a year during the Fall entrance admissions period. When application has opened (usually around February), details will be posted under the “Official Notices” section of our website.

See a full list of scholarships here.

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