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Subject(General Information) Is there housing offered for International Students?

The GSIS office does not oversee housing for students. Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. However, the university does provide on-campus dormitories to international students at the International House, SK Global House, and Muak Dormitories. Applications and information about costs, facilities, and etc. are available at their individual websites. Because dormitory placement is quite competitive, please make sure you apply during the designated application periods for each dormitory. Any questions regarding the dormitory can be directed to their staff through email.

Website for SK Global House / International House / Muak Dormitory: https://dorm.yonsei.ac.kr/member/login/ or email: skghouse@yonsei.ac.kr / ihouse@yonsei.ac.kr /muakdorm@yonsei.ac.kr.

Many students at GSIS prefer housing that is off-campus, found within several hundred meters of New Millennium Hall (our building on the Yonsei campus). Prices vary depending on what you are looking for.

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