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SubjectOpen House Fall 2016

On November 2nd, Yonsei GSIS hosted its semi-annual Open House. For prospective students from Korea and around the world its a chance to learn more about the academic program as well as student life at Yonsei GSIS. Dean Mo gave opening remarks emphasizing the international character of the faculty, student body and academic resources. Professor Michael Kim made sure that participants were aware of the many exchange programs, including the dual degree program.  The CDC (Career Development Center) Senior Advisor Namuh Rhee also talked about how the CDC office will assist students transition into their careers with things like mock interviews; Mr. Rhee's door is always open to help GSIS students.

The Open House then moved to the second stage where the program chairs had a chance to introduce their concentrations to those most interested in the respective coursework. Lastly, prospective students mingled with current students in the 4th floor lounge over coffee and snacks. GSA members, as well as many representatives of Yonsei GSIS clubs and organizations were on hand to answer any lingering questions participants had.

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