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SubjectYonsei GSIS Open House - Fall Semester 2018

On Wednesday, October 31st, Yonsei GSIS welcomed over 60 prospect students to their open house.

The event started with warm welcoming remarks by Dean Jeong-Yeon Lee, where he emphasized that our school is truly one of a kind. Yonsei GSIS is not only the oldest GSIS in Korea, but it also has the largest and most internationalized student body and faculty. Such a diverse international community brings together a wide range of cultures, languages and even religions, which is one of the strongest assets of our school. Moreover, he praised the very flexible curriculum, because it allows every current and future student to design their own interdisciplinary graduate program.

Moreover, prospective students also had the chance to meet up with current students from our school to ask them all they want about the courses at Yonsei and the life on campus.

We hope that everyone who attended the Yonsei GSIS Open House was able to get a first taste of the Yonsei spirit and our strong community and that we will be able to welcome them again next spring – this time as part of our Yonsei GSIS.


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