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SubjectLeadership Series: "Work for Fun - Gaming Industry"

The CDC held another lecture from their Leadership Series on Wednesday, October 31st. This time, GSIS was graced with the presence of Young Mok Park, the CEO of Nchant Interactive. He gave a lecture called “Work for Fun - Gaming Industry.” The room was completely full with some students even standing to hear about the gaming industry in Korea and the world. “The future is uncertain so you might as well do what you love,” said Mr. Park. He told the attendees about the gaming market and how the game platform has changed from the past. Those in attendance learned a fun fact. The console market is very small in Korea because parents didn’t want to buy consoles that would distract from their children’s education so they bought computer instead. This led to the surge of PC gaming in Korea. Mr. Park said the industry is growing and has a lot of potential money in it with opportunities for GSIS students interested in the industry. He finished by saying, “Don’t worry. You don’t have to be good at gaming or whatever interests you. Just try and your opportunity will come.” Thank you CDC for bringing GSIS another great speaker.

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