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SubjectSpecial Lecture: "Kim Jong-Un's Nuclear Strategy and Its Implications on the 3rd Inter-Korean Summit" by Thae Yong-Ho

Yonsei GSIS was very fortunate to host a special lecture by Thae Yong-Ho, a former North Korean ambassador who defected to South Korea in 2016. His lecture was titled, “Kim Jong-un’s Nuclear Strategy and Its Implications on the 3rd Inter-Korean Summit / Kim Jong-un’s New Economic Policy and the Reality of North Korean Internal Affairs.” It was held in the NMH auditorium on October 30th and led by professor Han Suk Hee. Given Mr. Thae’s high-profile status, the auditorium was packed with eager listeners. He opened with a question, What is North Korea really like? He showed everyone two contrasting point of views, a terrible picture often depicted in international news and a normal country. He then discussed the constitution using religious freedom. While the constitution guarantees religious freedom, the law of the party and the Kim family doctrine trump the constitution. Following the lecture, Mr. Thae answered many questions on a variety of topics from the students and professors in attendance. For more details, please read the November’s newsletter issue when it releases.






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