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SubjectApril 10: Blockchain, a catalyst for change


On April 10, Elena Kang, director at Huobi Korea, visited Yonsei GSIS as part of the career talk series to speak about “blockchain, a catalyst for change”. Kang, who also has experience in equity sales training and as a newscaster and anchorwoman, is currently working in the strategic planning office, as well as the director for the blockchain law institute and consulting advisor at Huobi Korea.

She talked to students about the history of bitcoin as well as the difference everyone needs to know between bitcoin and blockchain, because bitcoin does not equal blockchain.

In the second part of her speech, she answered the questions of whether blockchain will change the world and how it can save the environment. She emphasized that blockchain technology is not only implemented in the financial field and is therefore also relevant to students of international studies.

She engaged the audience actively and asked several questions during her talk, which lead to interesting discussions.


For more information on bitcoin, blockchain, and what Elena Kang said about it, please look forward to the May 2019 newsletter!

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