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SubjectThesis Writing 101

The students of Yonsei GSIS have questions — especially about writing their thesis. It’s a big job, and many of our students feel overwhelmed at the very thought of starting a thesis. Too few resources exist to help students get the ball rolling and keep it in motion through the tough task of bringing their thesis to life. While some students feel the GSIS administration has come up short in this area, former students are willing to share their battle stories to help the next semester of grads get the job done. Recent PIC graduate Nathan Kerkhoff and ITFM graduate Lim Seo-kyung took the podium to share their experiences and light the path, from organizing your research to getting your masterpiece printed and bound in a handsome black book so you can show it off to perspective employers or bore your grandkids with it several decades from now. If you still have questions, keep an eye out for future info sessions, or tap into the huge resource of recent graduates and harass them with questions until they spill the beans. More often than not, you’ll find them very happy to help.


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