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SubjectModern HAN, Tradition is Evolving Seminar

The seminar "Tradition is Evolving" delved into several topics relevant to many of the GSIS students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial self-made career paths. Started by a simple and unique idea, persevering through challenges and rejections, and expanding and building upon itself, the story of the conception and success of MODERN Han business was helpful for those who are interested in turning their own business ideas into reality.

The seminar was led by Ms Insun Cho, the Playing Director of MODERN Han, an entertainment company of the first of its kind in Korea. MODERN Han was the brainchild of Ms. Cho who was inspired on a trip to Spain by seeing flamenco dance –a traditional dance form- being well-received there by modern audiences. As a traditional musician herself, Ms. Cho wanted to find a way to merge traditional Korean art with modern tastes for the growing Korean cultural and service market.

Starting with the idea to modernize traditional Korean music and perform it at clubs in placees like Hongdae or Gangnam, Ms. Cho’s simple idea soon grew to incorporate Korean food, alcohol, as well as décor and clothes in order to make her MODERN Han event an experience for all the senses. Ms. Cho now works with 170 other Korean artists and is currently sponsered by the government in promoting her work to a wider international audience.

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