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SubjectYonsei GSIS hosts panel: Territories and The Hunt for Status and Security
On November 24, 2016, Yonsei hosted a panel entitled "Territories and The Hunt for Status and Security."  
In light of the U.S.-China rivalry and the maritime territorial disputes among China and various states in Asia, this panel explored how these conflicts, with control over territories as proxies for status and security, have an effect on the current regional and world order.  

The "Territories and The Hunt for Status and Security" panel featured experts Dr. Jin Kai, Dr. Woo Jung-Yeop, and Dr. Daniel Connolly.

Dr. Kai discussed China's policy of reactive assertiveness and how China's capabilities, actions, and intent can be misinterpreted by observers.  Dr. Woo talked about the unpredictability of the Trump administration's foreign policy in Asia. Finally, Dr. Connolly presented the conflict that has come to light from the Obama administration's pivot towards Asia between the U.S.'s anxieties over perceptions of their power declining in the region and China's security anxieties over the U.S.'s desire to project power up to the Chinese mainland.    

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