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SubjectMargeret Key Leadership Series

On March 22nd, Yonsei GSIS alumni Margaret Key came to give a talk on her experience of her career life after GSIS for the Career Development Center's Leadership Series. A engaging and inspiration talk, Ms. Key encouraged students to go after careers that they enjoy, find their "mojo" at work, and not to feel pressure to have a five year plan with everything figured out.


As a GSIS alumni, Ms. Key had insight into the challenges, worries as well as unique opportunities presented to students in the GSIS program. She attributed much of her success on overcoming the obstacles of graduate school and the uncertainty of life afterwards to her being genuinely engaged in class, choosing the people she surrounded herself with wisely, and building relationships with and seeking the advice of professors.

Students in attendance were fully engrossed, staying beyond the allotted time in order to stay for Ms. Key's Q&A session. Thank you to those who attended and to Ms. Key for her very impressive and compelling talk.



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