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SubjectYonsei GSIS CDC-ODAR Fundraising Development

October 31st marked the beginning of the Yonsei GSIS Career Development Center and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations 2017-2018 fundraising development event. In attendance were Dean Jongryn Mo, CDC advisor Namuh Rhee, the Alumni President Hong Jiman, the Alumni Vice-President Seo Eunkyung, the GSIS office team manager Park Woo Suk, professor Jung Tae Yong, ODAR's Chris DiGennaro, GSA's Kim Jisub, the office's Jung Inkyung, and both Newsletter editors Minja Marjomaa and Jeremy Corbett. The representatives from the various groups shared ideas for collaboration between each other for the 3-month event, lasting  until February 28th, 2018. The GSIS Newsletter will feature more details about the event throughout its duration. 

From left to right: Jung Tae Yong, Seo Eunkyung, Hong Jiman, Mo Jongryn, Rhee Namuh, and Park Woo Suk.






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