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SubjectCommencement Ceremony

On February 26th, 2018, 78 proud Yonsei GSIS students graduated after 4 semesters of hard work. The Commencement began with a prayer and scripture reading led by the University chaplain, Simone Kim. Of the graduating students, 7 were KSP majors, 25 were PIC majors, and 46 were ITFM majors.

Dean Mo gave a passionate Commencement Address highlighting community service through local communities. He said that the Yonsei community can help change the world so despite graduating and leaving campus, all students should stay connected as alumni.

Anan Chang gave the valediction as the graduate representative. Her inspirational speech was full of tips for everyone. She mentioned how Yonsei GSIS's greatest gift is that we are from all over the world and will now have connections in many places. She left off with these words, "Take chances and don't be afraid. Set goals and work hard to achieve them." Congratulations to all of the GSIS graduates!







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