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SubjectOrientation Spring 2018

The incoming Spring 2018 students had orientation on the 27th of February. The Yonsei GSIS welcomed 77 new students this semester: about half of the students were from Korea, and the rest came from over 15 different countries.

Orientation started with a welcoming remark from Dean Mo, and he emphasized the importance of being proactive inside and outside the two-year rigorous curriculum. Orientation then proceeded to a program introduction by Prof. Michael Kim. Professor Kim's program introduction was then followed by a career orientation by the head of the CDC, Namuh Rhee, throughout the coming semesters also well described the international mindset of the new students, with more than half of whom saying they were aspiring to work at an international organization. 

After the career session, all the new students then grouped into three groups according to their intended major from the third semester, and professors of each department welcomed new students. After taking group photos in front of the New Millennium Hall, the GSA members and representatives of seven GSIS student clubs introduced a variety of club activities the new students could participate. The students finished the first day of their endeavor at Yonsei GSIS, having dinner all together in Sinchon. Welcome to Yonsei GSIS!

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