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SubjectCareer Talk: "Design Your Career - Be a Challenger"

On May 15, 2018 Mike Hur, who works for Google Head, Partner Sales Korea, came to Yonsei GSIS for the second time and did not only talk about his career path up to now and the Google hiring process but also about how to design your own career and the importance of being a challenger.  


He made his talk interactive by encouraging all students to think and asking them questions. Moreover, he acknowledged that nowadays it is not easy anymore to get into a big company and that it is important to think about what one wants as soon as possible to get a head-start.  

He recommends that all students consider a position in sales. Sales is a good entry to any company and it is a "default career" as it is a necessary skill to have - if you know how to sell you can build your own profile on top of that.  

People interested in sales should think of it more like a science that can be learned, and they need to be aware of the fact that behaviour and competence are key factors for the job - it is about dealing with customers first hand and only the sales person that is able to give a good sales experience to the customer all while creating a tension and challenging the customer into giving the wanted response will be successful. So start thinking about what you want now and if you consider sales, then consider becoming a challenger as well.

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