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Subject2018 William J. Perry Lecture Series - North Korea's Nuclear Weapons

2018 William J. Perry Lecture Series - North Korea's Nuclear Weapons: A Treasured Sword or an Unnecessary Burden?

 The William J. Perry Lecture Series was hosted in New Millennium Hall's auditorium on Thursday, September 27th. The seminar, under Yonsei's Institute for North Korean Studies, was a collaboration between Yonsei and the Pacific Century Institute. Dr. Siegfried S. Hecker, a Senior Fellow Emeritus at Stanford University, was the guest speaker. Well-known as one of the foremost experts in the realm of nuclear science and North Korea's nuclear history, Dr. Hecker drew the attention of hundreds of individuals. The auditorium was filled with students, professors, and news coverage.

Dr. Hecker has visited North Korea seven times and was invited to tour its nuclear facilities, one of the few people outside of the country to do so. He discussed the history and meaning behind North Korea's nuclear arsenal and how and why it has been used. He went into detail about the three steps of nuclearization and dove into an analysis of North Korea's political behavior.

Dr. Hecker finished his lecture with a realistic but positive note. He believes that the US and South Korea can achieve anything on this issue due to their close connection and should therefore continue strengthening the bond between the two countries.


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