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SubjectYonsei GSIS 2018 Fall Career Fair

Yonsei GSIS 2018 Fall Career Fair

The 2018 Fall Yonsei GSIS Career Fair was held on Saturday, November 10th. 

The keynote speech was given by Margaret Key, who graduated Yonsei GSIS in 1999 and is the CEO, Asia Pacific, of Zeno Group. 

After the plenary session students were able to attend individual mentoring sessions with over ten recent Yonsei GSIS graduates who work in a variety of professional fields. 

Among the speakers were Marie Schade (Marketing Specialist at Webzen), Charlotte Arribe (Sustainable Development Consultant at UNESCAP-ENEA), Eri Kamakami (Program Officer at department of Economic Affairs, Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat), Chanrhan Hwang (Program Officer at CITYNET), Hyewon Jennifer Yoon (Development Director ay Children's Medical Foundation Former UNICEF U.S.A), Rosalie Leung (Brand Overseas Marketing Manager at Asia Master Trade), Alex Nah (Assets, Mirae Asset Global Investments Former Urban Lounge), Ruiting Dong (Overseas Branches Department, Chinese and English Coordinator at GENI;US), Andrew Lim (Senior Program Officer at World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization), and Rosa Utset Gil & Markus Käppler (Regional Manager at MEDIT). 

The fair ended with all students and alumni gathering for the raffle ticket opening as well as a dinner and networking. 

More details about the individual speeches and the event will be given in the upcoming December Yonsei GSIS newsletter. 

We want to take the chance to thank all alumni one more time for always being active and willing to help and encourage current Yonsei GSIS students by sharing their own experiences and connecting with them. Without you, Yonsei GSIS wouldn't be what it is today. Thank you. 

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