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SubjectGuest Speech: "Not Just Nukes: Engaging North Korea at a Time of Change"

On the 29th of November, Yonsei GSIS and UIC had a special lecture by Sokeel Park, the South Korea Country Director and Director of Research & Strategy for Liberty in North Korea (LiNK). LiNK is a non-profit organization for refugees from the country. The lecture started with a question casted onto the audience on the popular imagery of North Korea, its political leader, and people. Centering around the imagery and the actual daily life of the populace, the talk discussed North Korea from the comprehensive perspectives, spanning a wide range of subjects from the analysis of the economy to internal movements of North Korea. Talk of the director, one of the leading individuals in the field, not only provided the students—many of whom have engaged in extramural activities related to North Korea—valuable insights that would supplement their own research, but also presented attendees a perspective that challenges and asks to further examine their own ideas around North Korea.

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