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SubjectYonsei GSIS signed the agreement with Education Commission ASIA

  Yonsei GSIS signed the agreement with Education Commission ASIA

  Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies signed the agreement 'Using AI, a student-tailored education actualization(HTHT)' on Monday at 2pm, November 23rd.

  The Dean of Yonsei GSIS, Dr. Lee Jung-hoon, and the Vice Dean, Dr. Han Suk-hee and Dr. Jung Tae-yong participated in the ceremony with the Chairperson of Education Commission Asia, Lee Joo-ho, and the Secretary-General, Hwangbo Eun.




  HTHT(High Touch High Tech) University Consortium launched by Education Commission ASIA is an education program utilizing AI to diminish the inequality and the gap of education. This program consists of 7 universities, 6 colleges, and 3 graduate schools.

  Both institutions provide a revolutionary model of university education by actualizing a student-tailored style education and learning method through AI. They agree to improve academic achievement and to fulfill the learning needs of domestic and international students.

  The graduate school took the initiative in adopting the AI program in graduate programs and plans to utilize it when offering the fundamental and major courses. It is expected to raise the educational efficiency and the learning effect. Based on this, it will respond actively to the change of the educational environment in the post-corona era by accumulating the experience of reconstructing the curriculum with HTHT and the know-how of the management in a long term.

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