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Official Notices

Subject[Prospective] Application for Eugene Day Care Center

Application for Eugene Day Care Center 


1. Please read the following application guidance for 2020 academic year.


A. Qualification

  1) Full-time staff and faculty members who work over 40 hours a week and are covered by the four major public insurance at Sinchon & International campus, Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation(IACF) and Cooperate Secretariat, Yonsei University

  2) Graduate students enrolled at Yonsei graduate school or professional graduate schools in 2019 fall and 2020 spring semesters(except graduate students majoring in Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing)


B. Applicant numbers and Education expense


1 year old

(children born in January 1 to

December 31, 2018 )

Applicant numbers


Education expense per month

in 2019

527,000 KRW

※ Slots for 2 to 5 years old classes will be placed in the order of waiting list when the placement slot becomes available.

※ The above education expense is subject to change in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

※ Special Activity fee is excluded.


C. Selection Method : Raffle


D. Application requirements

  1) Application Form

  2) Family relation certificate or residents registration

  3) Acceptance letter for new graduate students of 2020 spring semester

  4) Required documents for priority admission

    a) For a single-parent family : a certificate of single-parent family or etc

    b) For a dual-income family : a copy of Employee Health Insurance card of spouse(only for staff            and faculty members)

    c) For a third child : Family relation certificate and etc.

  5) Child care subsidy payment receipt issued by the affiliated institution : Prescribed form, only for       the staff and faculty members from Special Account Institutions, IACF and Cooperate Secretariat


E. Application period and submission info

  1) Application period :

      November 20(Wed.) ~ November 26(Tue.), 5:00pm

      [After application period, we will text you safe receipt of the documents.]

  2) Submit to : Human resources team, Office of General Affairs(Room. S201, Baekyang Hall)

※ Strict observance of the deadline (No chance will be given if application arrives after the deadline)


F. Others

  1) For new graduate students: If you do not register for 2020 spring semester, the admission will        be cancelled.

  2) If the parent is retired(or graduated, or leave of absence) before the semester ends, the child          may stay enrolled at the Day Care Center until the last day of the semester.


2. We will let you know the result via email and text message on December 6(Fri).


3. Please contact the office of Eugene Day Care Center at 02-2123-8266~7 for further questions.


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