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Official Notices

Subject[Academics] Guidelines for Participation in ZOOM-Based Classes

The Preparation for ZOOM-based Lectures


(1) Install ZOOM & Update your Profile

- Download the “ZOOM” program here: https://zoom.us/download

  ※ You can download the app on your smartphone or iPad!

  ※ For ZOOM-based classes, using a laptop is highly recommended!(If you take lectures via your desktop PC, you need to prepare a separate microphone and camera.)

- Make your own ZOOM account

- After log in ZOOM, go to [option]->[profile] & update your photo and your name identically to YSCEC

- (optional) Pop-up both ZOOM screen and YSCEC homepage simultaneously


(2) Check your video option

- Download the most updated camera software via the homepage of your laptop-brand company

- Go to [option]->[video] & check the monitor to confirm the camera quality


(3) Check your microphone option

- Go to [option]-[audio] & Check your microphone

- Wearing headphones or putting earphones on is highly recommended! (To cancel any noise from your typing)


During the Lecture

- Join the lecture by clicking on the link provided on YSCEC.

- When you want to ask questions or share your ideas, first turn on your microphone, then let the professor know by raising your hand using [participants]-[raise hand]. *Begin your question by saying your name first.


After the Lecture

- The lecture room will automatically disappear after professors end the class


In-class Manners

- Please be ready for the lecture beforehand! (open all the screens you need & check your instruments)

- When you enter, the video will be on but your microphone will be on mute. You can change this (on/off) by clicking on the icons on the left bottom side of your screen. (or alt+A for sound and alt+V for video) *Turn off your microphone when there is someone calling you!

- Let the professor or the TA know through chat messages if you have any trouble during the lecture. (Move curser to your face on monitor & click the right side of your mouse-> pop-up of “stop the video”)

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