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Official Notices

Subject[Academics] Guidelines for Copyright-Related Cautions

1. Background

Until March 28, 2020, Yonsei University will suspend all in-person lectures (which can be extended further depending on the situation) and conduct all lectures non-face-to-face/online instead of in-class for at least 2-weeks. All the class materials through lectures, such as ppt, video clips, recordings, etc, will be protected legally by copyright. Thus, if there are any violations of copyright, you will be held responsible for the misbehaviour. So, please follow the articulated measures below. 


2. Cautions

1) Allowable Conduct

According to the Copyright Act Article25(3), students can copy or submit the class materials if necessary for the preview of lectures. Thus, it is allowed to copy(or download) the class materials only for course-study.


2) Unallowable Conducts

You will be in charge of the violation of the Copyright Act Article136, if you conduct behaviors as follows:

(1) Any distribution or submission of the downloaded class material to other non-course-takers

(2) Any nullification of (i) the prevention of unauthorized access, (ii) the limited copy system or sharing of YSCEC ID and password with others or hacking the systemized copy-limited mechanism

(3)Any online-posting or submission to others of the class materials (you will be punished in violation of the copyright of other foreign nations if there are any foreign materials included) If you share or submit your class materials, there will be unauthorized access to the materials.


Article 136 (Penal Provisions)

(1) Any person who falls under either of the following subparagraphs shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than five years or by a fine not exceeding 50 million won, or may be punished by both:  <Amended by Act No. 11110, Dec. 2, 2011>

1. A person who infringes on copyright or other property rights protected pursuant to this Act (excluding the rights under Article 93) by means of reproduction, performance, public transmission, exhibition, distribution, lease, or preparation of derivative works;

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