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Official Notices

Subject[Academics] Thesis Submission Guideline (Spring 2020)

■ Submission Procedures

- Online submissions can be made through “Yonsei Samsung Library homepage > Research > Course > Thesis Submission”

- Visit Thesis submission center after printing out permission of use forms and submission confirmation (You can print out the format only after the online submission via Yonsei Library website.)

- After you submit the printed-form of your thesis with these two documents to Yonsei Library, the Library will seal your thesis submission confirmation form with stamp.

- You must submit your sealed confirmation document to GSIS office to get the approval of your thesis for your graduation.

■ Documents for submission

- Thesis (4 copies including the original copy with approvals from all members of the thesis committee. If you don't want to open your thesis to public online, then submit 5 copies.)

- Thesis submission confirmation form (1 copy)

- Permission of use form (1 copy)

■ Important Notice

- Students should submit the final evaluation form as soon as they finish the presentation

- Also, students should submit electronic file of thesis,  Permission of use form and Thesis submission confirmation form as well before the deadline

- Otherwise, you won’t get the score or credits for thesis.

■ Submission dates and places

- Thesis submission centers: Yonsei Samsung Library 1F

- Plagirism Check (http://www.turnitin.com/ko/home) before posting up the thesis online

- Online submissions: July 3 (Fri) ~ July 9 (Thu)

                                   (submission accepted at all times)

- Booklet thesis submissions: July 10 (Fri) ~ July 15 (Wed)

                                    (Mon~Fri 09:00~17:00 / 09:00~20:00 only for July 15)

■ Contact information

- Media Service Team: 02-2123-6341/ 6319/ 4643/ 4644

Telephone: 82-2-2123-3291~3 Fax: 82-2-2123-8653 Email: gsis@yonsei.ac.kr
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