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Subject[Current] National Health Insurance Enrollment Information
Dear students,
As stated previously, all international students who hold a D-2 visa must register for the National Health Insurance (NHI) starting March 1st, 2021 automatically. Please review the attached PDFs for more information on enrollment. 
The only exceptions are as follows:

Incoming students with an F-4 visa: You will automatically be enrolled in NHI 6 months after you arrive in Korea. If you would like to be enrolled earlier, you can submit your Certificate of Enrollment to NHI. You can print your Certificate of Enrollment from Portal.

Incoming students who do not have their ARC yet: You will be enrolled in NHI starting the day you receive your Alien Registration Card(estimated around mid or end of April if you use the Yonsei OIA visa agency service). We advise you to enroll in travel insurance so that you are covered until that time.


If you are a currently enrolled international student residing in Korea, please maintain your private insurance until the date you register for National Health Insurance in March of 2021.

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