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Subject[Prospective] Fall 2021: Electronic Transcript / Apostille Requirement + Apostille submission for Visa Issuance

Dear Students,

In our Fall 2021 admission guidelines it states that as part of our COVID-19 exceptions, students can submit an electronic transcript in lieu of a physical transcript. It then states that you must submit an original sealed transcript by our decision announcement.

We are updating this request to the following: 

If you have submitted an electronic transcript as part of your application you will need to submit an apostilled version of the transcript by 8/13, if you are admitted. 

Please note - all students must submit an apostille regardless of whether or not they submitted an electronic transcript. The apostille requirement is separate from the requirement to submit a diploma and transript during admissions. Please review the welcome letter attached for more information on the apostilles. 


However, if you are planning to enter Korea in the Fall please submit your apostille by 7/2 so you have plenty of time to receive a certificate of admission and apply for a visa. 

Please note if you wish to enter Korea for the Fall 2021 semester, you will need to enter by 9/27 at the latest. If you are not able to enter by this time, we will cancel your certificate of admission and reissue it for the next semseter.

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