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Subject[Academics] Notice on Taking Online Gender-based Violence Prevention Programs

Notice on Taking Online Gender-based Violence Prevention Programs    


1. How to Access the Programs

- Go to LearnUs(https://open.yonsei.ac.kr) and click on the banner, “Professional Program” located on the upper right corner of the screen.

- Click “2021 Yonsei Gender-Based Violence Prevention Programs” and enrol yourself.

- Click “Move to Course”

- Watch a video of your preferred language and of relevant version. Students and faculty members should watch different versions.

- Once you finish watching the video, you can take the quiz.

- Please refer to the attached file for a more detailed guide.


2. Information on completion of the program

- You can take the quiz only after completing the video.

- Go to “Professional Program” and then “Completion Check” to see your course completion status.

- You must completely finish the training for you to get officially recognized as passed.

※ If you adjust the playback setting, fast-forward or skip some parts of the video, programs may not recognize your course completion status as 100% and program completion certificate may not be issued.


3. Additional Information

All members of Yonsei University must complete this program at least once a year.


4. Certificate

Go to ‘Professional Program’ and then ‘Completion Check’ to see your completion status

‘How to get a certificate as a person who has completed program from January to April 2021’

  : If you want to check the course completion status, you can contact the Center for Gender Equity


5. Inquiries on the Program

Contact: genderedu@yonsei.ac.kr


※ Basis of Violence Prevention Programs Enforcement

Basis Act on Gender Equality Article 31

Act on Prostitution Prevention and Victim Protection Article 5

Act on Domestic Violence Prevention and Victim Protection Article 4 Clause 3

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