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Subject[Admission] 2021-2학기 국제학대학원 학부-대학원 연계과정 모집 안내 (Yonsei GSIS Bachelor & Master’s Accelerated Degree Program)

Yonsei GSIS Bachelor & Master’s Accelerated Degree Program


   Degree: Master’s Degree

   Programs: Korean Studies/Global Studies(International Cooperation, International Trade, Finance & Management)


    Students in undergraduate programs at Yonsei 

    Students who have completed 4 - 7 semesters and have a cumulative GPA of 3.3/4.3 or above 

    Students who are recommended by the advising professor and dean of his/her department 

    Students who have transferred or students who have received an academic warning are not eligible to apply.


    If all the graduation requirements are fulfilled, the students can obtain both a bachelor's and master's degree within 5 years (bachelor 3.5 years + master 1.5 years). 

    Students admitted to the program will be able to pursue a master's degree upon completing their bachelor's degree without taking the entrance exam. 

    Admitted students will receive the Accelerated Degree Program Scholarship depending on the admission evaluation up to the 3rd semester of the master’s program. Scholarship details will be announced together with the admission result.


   Admissions decisions are based on the overall strength of the candidate’s application, including academic achievement and potential as well as personal accomplishments.


   Application Form Download:  ~ August 12, 2020
   Submission of Documents: August 9, 2021 – August 18, 2021
   Final Announcement: August 24, 2021

Requested Documents

  • Application Form 
  • Personal Statement & Study Plan/Agreement for Collection and Use of Personal Data Ⅱ 
  • Letter of Recommendation

* Please download the attached files.


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