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Subject[Recruiting] Recruitment for UIC TA, Prof. Tomoko Seto

Professor Tomoko Seto, a full-time faculty at Underwood International College, is looking a reliable female graduate student to serve as her faculty assistant for Fall 2021. 


  1. Must be enrolled as a graduate student at Yonsei University and must not be on a leave of absence.
  2. Native in Korean with proficiency in English and/or Japanese.
  3. Have a basic knowledge about Word and Excel.
  4. Available to work on/near the Sinchon Campus and Songdo Campus, though rare, when necessary.

Responsibilities: Assist with course preparation, research-related documents, translation of Korean materials, online research in archives in Korean, and other clerical work.

Appointment Period: August 30, 2021 ~ the last day of Winter 2021

Payment: KRW 2,000,000/Fall 2021 + Winter 2021 (NOTE: 50% of will be paid in the middle of the semester and the rest at the end of the semester)

*Maximum working hours per week must be 14 or less.

To be considered, please submit the application form to tseto@yonsei.ac.krby August 13, 2021.

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