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Subject[Current] Incoming Students: New Regulations regarding the Certificate of Admission

Students who are entering in the Fall of 2021:

Due to changing regulations, we are now no longer able to issue your Certficate of Admission until after we have received your Apostilles. 

For students who are NOT entering Korea or who already have another visa (i.e. F-4), this does not concern you, just make sure to submit your apostilles by August 13.

For students whose Apostilles are late because they just graduated this summer or have yet to graduate, you will be able to submit an Apostilled version of your letter of expected graduation in order to receive your Certificate of Admission. Once you receive your final documents you will need to submit those Apostilles as soon as possible.  If you decide not to enter Korea, you will still need to submit your Apostilles by August 13.

If you are unable to get an Apostille due to COVID lockdowns or other extenuating circumstances, then unfortunately you will not be able to enter Korea this semester. 

As a reminder, you must enter Korea by Sept. 27 if you wish to enter this semester. 

**Keep in mind that all of the courses this semester will be online, and it will be possible to take the classes from your home country without entering Korea**

In order to keep a written record of inquiries, please email the office with any questions rather than calling: gsis@yonsei.ac.kr


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