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Subject[Admission] Yonsei GSIS Bachelor & Master’s Accelerated Degree Program

Yonsei GSIS Bachelor & Master’s Accelerated Degree Program

1. Concept   

A. Students admitted to the program will be able to pursue a master's degree upon completing their bachelor's degree without any entrance exam.   

B. If all the graduation requirements are fulfilled, the students can obtain both a bachelor's and master's degree within 4.5 years (bachelor 3 years + master 1.5 years).

2. Entry Qualifications and Scholarship   

A. Students of all undergraduate majors in Yonsei campus  

B. Students who have completed 4 ~ 6 semesters and whose cumulative GPA is 3.3/4.3 or above 

C. Students who are recommended by the advising professor and dean of his/her department     

D. Students who have transferred or students who have received an academic warning are not eligible to apply.

E. Admitted students will receive the Accelerated Degree Program Scholarship depending on the admission evaluation.

3. Admission Schedule   

A. Application period: Friday, February 9 - Tuesday, February 13, 9 AM ~ 5 PM  

B. Location: New Millennium Hall #510   

C. Announcement of results: Monday, February 26, 5 PM, by email

4. More Information: attached

Telephone: 82-2-2123-3291~3 Fax: 82-2-2123-8653 Email: gsis@yonsei.ac.kr
New Millennium Hall #510, Yonsei University, 50 Yonsei-Ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
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