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Subject[Current] [경영대학 대학원] BIZ7026 New Product Marketing Seminar

I am uploding this notice to encourage any graduate students to take my class, “BIZ7026. New Product Marketing Seminar:

Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Beyond”.  This is a hybrid class to learn business practice issues from practitioner’s perspective and research topics from academic perspective related to new product development and innovation management.

As detailed in the syllabus, this class focuses on (1) the design and development of new products and innovations as well as the management of new and existing products from the practitioner perspective, and (2) the introduction of the breadth of new product development (NPD) and innovation strategy topics by reading and discussing important articles in leading journals from the academic perspective. I have some room for students outside business program and please contact me at imsubin@yonsei.ac.kr  if you are interested in this class. 

Kind regards,
Subin Im, Ph.D. (임수빈 드림)
Professor of Marketing, Yonsei Business School

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