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Official Notices

Subject[Current] Korea-Australia Exchange Promotion Idea Contest 2019

The Centre for Australian Studies and the Korea-Australia Foundation host an idea contest to bring university students’ attention to the Korea-Australia relationship and promote bilateral relations.

1. When and Where
1)Application Period: 16th September 2019 ~ 4th October 18:00
2)The finals and awards ceremony
- Date: 8th November 2019 at 13:00
- Venue: The Centre for Australia in the Australia Embassy in Korea
- Address: 18th floor Kyobo Building, 1 Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

2. Eligibility
1) Undergraduate and graduate students, who are currently enrolled (or on leave) in a university in Korea
2) As an individual or a team (a team consist of up to 3 students) and can be formed across different universities
3) One academic advisor is necessary per team

3. Theme
Showcase your idea of activity, project, research, policy, etc. to promote exchanges and strengthen relations between Korea and Australia
① Culture and Art
② Education and Research
③ Tourism
④ Trade
⑤ Resources (Mining, Renewable Energy, etc.)
⑥ Environment
⑦ Science and Technology (AI, ICT, etc.)
⑧ Start-up and social enterprise
⑨ Others
- Korea-Australia / Australia-Korea Internship Program
- Exchange program between Korean-Australian professionals in commerce and industry sector
- Commercialization of processed food combining K-food and Aboriginal food
- Blockchain technology applied private carbon trading market between Korea and Australia
- Education program for the science gifted - Comparison of celestial bodies in Northern/southern hemisphere)
- Agribusiness cooperation using smart farm and big data

4. Schedule
▷16th September (Mon) ~ 4th October (Fri) 18:00 : Deadline for application and idea proposal submission

▷ 14th October (Mon) : Announcement of six submissions selected for the final round (individual notification)
▷ 5th November (Tue) 18:00 : Deadline for final presentation materials submission
▷ 8th November (Fri) 13:00~18:00 : Presentations and award ceremony (English presentation)
※ The presentation will be in English since the Australian ambassador and personnel from the embassy and various nationalities attend the
※ The schedule is subject to change

5. Submission
1)Complete the application and idea proposal form and submit via e-mail
- Form download (Korea-Australia Foundation: http://www.korea-australia.org )
- Submission

(The Centre for Australian Studies at Yonsei University: aus_studies_yonsei@yonsei.ac.kr )

6. Awards
1)1st Place (1 Person/Team): Korea-Australia Foundation Chairman Award and KRW 1,000,000
2)2nd Place (1 Person/1 Team): Australian Ambassador Award and KRW 700,000
3)3rd Place (4 persons/Teams): Participation prize and KRW 200,000

7. Evaluation
1)The Preliminary round
- Teams for the final will be selected based on submitted idea proposals
- Evaluation Criteria: Creativity (40%), Feasibility (30%), Expected effects (30%)
- Selection: 6 persons/teams
2)The Finals
- The finalists’ idea presentation
- Evaluation Criteria: The preliminaries score (70%), Delivery of the presentation (30%)
- Presentation Type: Free of format (Oral, PPT, video, etc.)
- English Presentation

8. Guidelines
1)All documents can be written in Korean or English.
2)Refer to the Korea-Australia Foundation website or attached files for application and idea proposal forms.
3)Idea Proposal
- Download and fill out the idea proposal form
- Include: Title, Overview, Backgrounds, Proposed contents, Expected effects, References
- Write within five A4-size pages excluding references (12 font size, 1.5 line spacing)
4)The format of the presentation in the final is open to any type (PPT, oral, video, etc.)

9. Notices
1) The ideas submitted can be used for Korea-Australia exchange programs after discussions with the team concerned, organizers and
related agencies.
2) The ideas submitted must not have a history of being entered or won in any other contest.
3) The ideas submitted shall not be used without the copyright holder's permission or copyright ownership, nor shall they be permitted to
plagiarize or proxy work.
4) All responsibilities for the occurrence of related disputes, including intellectual property rights and originality, shall lie with the applicant.
If such facts are found, they shall be disqualified from the award and cash prizes.
5) Once submitted, documents cannot be returned in any circumstances.
6) If the quality of the entries is below a certain level, awards (e.g. the first prize) may not be selected.
7) The applicant is responsible for any disadvantages caused by mistakes or omissions.

10. Inquiry
Forward inquiries about the contest to the Centre for Australian Studies at Yonsei University (aus_studies_yonsei@yonsei.ac.kr)

Attachment (in English): http://www.korea-australia.org/helppds/content.asp?idx=20&GotoPage=1

Attachment (in Korean): http://www.korea-australia.org/helppds/content.asp?idx=19&GotoPage=1


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