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Subject[Current] COVID-19 Emergency Announcement (related to Itaewon Club)
COVID-19 Emergency Announcement

  For those who have visited Itaewon businesses such as club last April 24 to May 6 should immediately visit and take test in a screening medical clinic.
  Please refrain from going out and making physical contacts for 2 weeks regardless if you are having the symptoms or not.
  Anonymous test is possible (only phone numbers are checked), and personal information is thoroughly protected. If found later that you have been to Itaewon club during the said period and you didn't go for a test, you will be fined 2 million won.


코로나19 긴급공지
 4.24.~5.6.까지 이태원 일대 클럽 등 업소 방문자는 즉시 선별진료소 검사,방문 바랍니다. 증상유무 관계없이 2주간 외출,접촉 자제하시기 바랍니다.​
 익명검사가 가능하며(전화번호만 확인), 개인정보는 철저히 보호됩니다. 만약, 해당 기간 이태원 클럽을 다녀왔는데 검사를 받지 않은 것이 나중에 밝혀지면 200만원의 벌금을 부과할 수 있습니다.
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