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Subject[Current] Application Download for Building Entrance

   For the safety purpose, Yonsei will implement the QR entrance checking system from 2020-Fall semester to record all the visitors. Please download the application and follow the instruction attached.

  1. About the app: This app is for checking visitors’ entrance to Yonsei buildings in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. (Using this app, you can let the entrance-keepers know that you don’t have any fever problem to enter the building.)
  2. For what purpose:

         1)  For fever-checking (You can pass the entrance after the keepers check that you are

              normal temperature)

         2)  For access-roster checking (It is necessary for the school to manage visitor’s number for

              the safety purpose. Every offline/in-person gathering, including lectures, exams, events,

              will be recorded.)

     3. How to install and use: Please refer to the attached.

         1)  Install the app via Google Playstore ->Insert Your Name and Phone Number -> Answer to

               the Survey

         2) Entrance Procedure: Check Fever -> Normal Status -> Identifying yourself with App’s QR



-  Mandatory to update your physical condition status every 4 hours

-  If you move to another building, you have to re-check your status.

-  In the case where your app doesn’t work, you have to handwrite your information.

-  The recorded personal information will be deleted in 4 weeks.

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