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Subject[Prospective] GKS University Track Applicants: Applying for Regular Admission

Dear GKS University Track Applicants,

We have received a few questions about applying to Regular Admission if you do not pass the first round of the GKS University Track. So here we will clarify how you can do this.
Firstly, we will notify students if they have passed/not passed round 1 around 4/28. Once you receive this information you must quickly (by 4/30) send in these additional documents via email: 
  • (6) Verification of Deposit 
  • (11) Application fee
  • (10) Release of Student Information Form 
For more details on the above please reference the admissions guidelines PDF on the bottom of this page: https://gsis.yonsei.ac.kr/main/text.asp?mid=n02_02_01 
The numbers correspond to their numbers on the required documents page. 
The application fee and release of student information form should be fairly straightforward, but since the Verification of Deposit might take a while, I would recommend getting started on that now, especially if you need to translate this document to English. 
The rest of the documents you do not need to send again since we already have them in your GKS application file. 
You are welcome to apply to the Regular Admission track even if you pass round 1 of GKS University Track, since you might not pass the next round. 
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