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Subject[Admission] Fall 2021 International Admission and Scholarship Results

Fall 2021 International Admission and Scholarship Results

Please check the following link for the results of the Fall 2021 International Admission and Scholarship Decisions. 

Admission and Scholarship Decisions: Click HERE 


For those who have been admitted, please check the attached Welcome Letter. You should fill out the form HERE to record your decision by June 11, 2021.


If your passport number has changed since you submitted your application, please email gsis@yonsei.ac.kr with a copy of your new passport.


Your admissions number (temporary student ID number) can be found at this link: Click HERE 

Accepted students, please make sure to read our instructions regarding Apostille submission. Especially if you plan on entering Korea in the Fall semester, it is vital that you read this information. 

Additionally, if you are interested in on-campus housing and/or quarantining in the dorms, please check the below links. You can use your admissions number (see above) to apply. Your password is your birthday in this format: YYYYMMDD

On-campus housing

Quarantining in the dorms

The application period is from June 8-June 11.

Housing assignments are on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in dorm housing, we recommend applying on the first day, June 8. 

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