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Subject[Academics] Application for Yonsei-Geneva Exchange Program

Application for Yonsei-Geneva Exchange Program in Spring 2022


▩ Only 1st semester students(who will study their 3rd semester in Spring 2022) can apply

To apply for the exchange program which starts from February 2022, you must submit the following documents to GSIS office via email(gsisoffice@yonsei.ac.kr) till July 9th(Fri) 5PM.

▩ Require documents     

1) Application (attached)     

2) Transcript including the Spring 2021 grade (can be issued after 6th of July)     

3) English proficiency certificate: only submit if you have one

▩ Nominating process     

1) Nominating candidates among Yonsei GSIS students

2) Nominated candidates submit the documents to University of Geneva     

3) Final screening of University of Geneva

▩ Acceptance Letters sent by: October 15th, 2021    

(University of Geneva starts its Spring semester at February, 2022)

▩ Important notice     

1) Name of the program at University of Geneva: Master of Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability

2) Tuition fee payment: Only make a payment at Yonsei University.    

3) The length of visit at University of Geneva: One semester


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