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Subject[Academics] [Academics] Application for Yonsei-Geneva Exchange Program

Application for Yonsei-Geneva Exchange Program in Fall 2022


▩ Only 1st semester students(who will study their 3rd semester in Fall 2022) can apply.

▩ To apply for the exchange program which starts from September 2022, you must submit the following documents to GSIS office via email(gsisoffice@yonsei.ac.kr) till January 7th(Fri) 5PM.

▩ Require documents     

1) Application (attached)     

2) Transcript including the Fall 2021 grade (can be issued after 4th of January, 2022)     

3) English proficiency certificate: only submit if you have one

▩ Nominating process     

1) Nominating candidates among Yonsei GSIS students

2) Nominated candidates submit the documents to University of Geneva     

3) Final screening of University of Geneva

▩ Acceptance Letters sent by: May 15th, 2022    

(University of Geneva starts its Fall semester at September, 2022)

▩ Important notice     

1) Name of the program at University of Geneva: Master of Innovation, Human Development and Sustainability

2) Tuition fee payment: Only make a payment at Yonsei University.    

3) The length of visit at University of Geneva: One semester


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