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Dual Degree

1. Name of University (Country name): Keio University (Japan)

Keio University is the oldest and most highly rated private university in Japan. Its history dates back to the formation of a school for Dutch studies in 1858. The Graduate School of Media and Governance is located in the university’s Shonan Fujisawa campus.

2. Dual degree programme: Master of Media and Governance

The Graduate School of Media and Governance offers eight different programs that include four English-based and four Japanese-based programs. The students are expected to learn new methodologies, pursue specialised research, and gain expertise by joining one of the eight programs.
(1) English-based programs: Human Security and Communication (HC), Environmental Design and
                                          Governance (EG), Cyber Informatics (CI), Systems Biology (BI)
(2) Japanese-based programs: Global Governance and Regional Strategy (GR), Policy Making and
                                             Social Innovation (PS), Cognition, Sense-Making and Biophysical
                                             Skills (CB), X-Design (XD)

For further information on each program, see the link below.

3. General Information

(1) Admission Criteria
     - Students registered in the first or second semester of the GSIS
     - Students with a valid Japanese language certificate for Japanese-based programs
     - Students who are recommended by the program chair
     - Students who are physically healthy
     - Students who have not received any disciplinary action
     - Students who have no problem obtaining a Japanese visa
     - Students who meet all other conditions specified in the dual degree agreement
     - Thesis is compulsory if student takes dual degree program
(2) Admission schedule
     - Website announcement: Every April and October
     - Available date: Every semester
(3) Required documents
     - An application form (Format will be posted on GSIS website)
     - Study plan
     - Official transcript from undergraduate and graduate school
     - 4 copies of passport size photo
     - Japanese or English language proficiency
     - Recommendation letter from program chair and other professional or academic references
(4) Application process
     - Nomination process among Yonsei University candidates 
     - Candidates who passed the first screening submit the documents to Keio University
     - Final nomination process of Keio University

4. Tuition, Scholarship and length of visit

(1) Tuition
     - Pay a tuition fee at Yonsei University not Keio University
     - If student wants to continue his or her study at Keio University after 4th semester, he or she 
       needs to make a payment at Keio University.
(2) Scholarship
     - Keio University provides ¥700,000 amount of living cost support
(3) Length of visit
     - One semester (up to two semesters)
     - Students can stay more than two semesters but he or she needs to make a Keio full tuition fee
       payment in that case.


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