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Dual Degree

1. Name of University (Country name): Leiden University (Netherlands)

Founded in 1575, Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands and is consistently ranked among Europe’s leading universities. The Double Degree programme in Critical Heritage Studies of Asia and Europe can offer you a chance to pursue the fascinating international field of heritage studies. The programme will prepare you to work in academic research, spatial planning, museum management, tourism industries, and heritage conservation across Europe and Asia. The core curriculum includes courses such as Thesis and Methods, Critical Approaches to Heritage Studies, and writing a thesis. On top of that, a wide range of electives offers the opportunity for the students to cover their own specific interests. The one-year Leiden programme, which leads towards a Leiden MA diploma, can be used to fulfil obligations for the two-year Yonsei MA programme.

2. Dual degree programme: Master of Arts (MA) in Critical Heritage Studies of Asia and Europe

The Asian Studies program provides intensive and comprehensive training covering the wide range of present-day area studies research. The structure of the program allows students from a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds to have a considerable degree of freedom and individual specialization by country, region, discipline, or field.
The MA in Asian Studies (60 EC) is a one-year program with five different specialisations: East Asian Studies; South Asian Studies; Southeast Asian Studies; History, Art and Culture or HAC; and Politics, Society and Economics or PS. The MA in Asian Studies (120 EC) is a two-year program with three different specialisations: Chinese Studies; Japanese Studies; and Korean Studies. The Leiden credit system follows the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). One European Credit (EC) covers a work load for the student of 28 hours. For the Leiden one-year MA programs, students are required to cover a minimum of 60 EC’s, leading to a workload of a total of 1680 hours. GSIS-YU students within the Double Degree Program may obtain a credit waiver of 10 to 15 EC’s upon prior justified request by the student.

For further information on the MA programs, see the link below.

3. General Information

(1) Admission Criteria
     - Students who have earned 24 credits. In principle, the required credits include GSIS Core 
       courses, Programmes required courses, field of concentration courses, and distribution
       requirement. Otherwise, approval of the program chair is required.
     - Students with TOEFL score 100 (IBT) or above, IELTS score of 7.0 or above or CPE certificate.
     - Students who are recommended by the program chair
     - Students who are physically healthy
     - Students who have not received any disciplinary action
     - Students who have no problem obtaining a Dutch visa
     - Students who meet all other conditions specified in the dual degree agreement
     - Thesis is compulsory if student takes dual degree program
(2) Admission schedule
     - Apply date: Need to apply it by every 31st of January for scholarship. Otherwise, student can
       apply it by 31st of March
     - Available date: Second semester only
(3) Required documents
     - Motivation letter (700-1500 words)
     - Copies of diploma and transcript
     - Copy of English proficiency (TOEFL 100 or above, IETLS 7.0 or above or CPE certificate)
     - Recommendation letter from program chair and other professional or academic references
     - CV (Resume)
     - Copy of passport
(4) Application process
     - Apply it through Yonsei GSIS office

4. Tuition, Scholarship and length of visit

(1) Tuition fee, without a grant, is 16,000 euro (current level/price)
(2) With a Leiden University LExS grant, fees can be reduced with 14,000 euro to 2,000 euro
(3) Length of visit: Two semesters (One year)


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