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Registrar's Office

Current GSIS students, graduates, students on leave and unregistered students (those removed from the registry of the current semester or those who did not graduate under normal circumstances) have to request transcripts and some other academic documents through the Yonsei University Service Center, not through the GSIS office. The center has staffs to help you and automatic transcript issuing machines. It is located in the Commons(백양누리).

Students also may request their transcripts via Yonsei Portal website. Please connect to the Yonsei portal website (https://portal.yonsei.ac.kr/main/index.jsp) and click the "Online Transcripts & Certificates(인터넷증명서)" in the page.

If you have any problems, please contact the University Service Center directly at (02)2123-3200.

How to Request


Type of Verification Documents
  1. Academic Transcript (성적증명서)
  2. Certificate of Attendance (재학증명서)
  3. Certificate of Expected Graduation (졸업예정증명서)
  4. Certificate of Student Leave (휴학증명서)
  5. Certificate of Graduation (졸업증명서)


  1. For current students: KRW 500/sheet
  2. For graduates: KRW 1000/sheet
  3. Online Printing: Free


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