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by the points of
after semester start

1st semester

KRW 7,020,000 Admission fee: KRW 1,195,000 KRW 8,215,000

2nd semester

KRW 7,020,000 - KRW 7,020,000

3rd semester

KRW 7,020,000 - KRW 7,020,000

4th semester

KRW 7,020,000 - KRW 7,020,000

Over 5th semester

1. Writing Thesis(Only for student applying for Theis writing)  

2. students  taking 1-3 credits

3. students taking 4-6 credits

4. students  taking more than 7 credits



1. 12% of tuition

2. 1/3 of tuition

3. 2/3 of tuition

4. full tuition


Refund Policy

[for the 2nd or upper semester students]

If students apply for a leave of absence after paying tuition, students will get a refund of the tuition depending upon when they submit their leave of absence application. Reimbursement will be (approximately) commensurate with the time the application is received. Refunds will be transferred into the student's Woori Bank account opened for receiving the student ID card.

Application point for leave of absence /
voluntary withdrawal
Refundable Amount
 Within the official application period for a leave of absence (2nd week of the semester)  Full amount
 Within 30 days after semester starts  5/6 of the tuition
 During the second month of the semester (up to 60 days)  2/3 of the tuition
 After two months (up to 90 days)  1/2 of the tuition
 After three months (after 90 days) No refund

[for 1st semester students]

If students have paid their tuition and later wish to cancel their admission or voluntarily withdraw from school, tuition may be refunded. However, reimbursement is dependent upon when students submit their cancellation petition (or for a voluntary withdrawal). Students must submit a copy of bankbook along with a petition.

Submission point of petition for cancellationRefundable Amount
Before semester starts Full Refund (including admission fee)
After semester starts~2nd week of the semester Full tuition (Admission fee is not refundable after semester starts.)
2 weeks after semester starts Tuition: refer to the policy for 2nd semester students

A leave of absence is granted to NEW STUDENTS only under exceptional circumstances (e.g., military service, childbirth).


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