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Hills Governance Center

The Hills Governance Center at Yonsei seeks to promote good governance across the private, public, and civic sectors by addressing institutional sources of corruption and promoting transparency and accountability within and among those sectors. The Center will advance good governance by conducting rigorous research and analysis and disseminating the results, facilitating sectoral and regional dialogue, and developing educational tools to improve governance today and empower those who will ensure good governance tomorrow.

The Center was established in September 2003, under the joint auspices of both the Hills Program on Governance of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and the World Bank. Building on CSIS' 40-year commitment to international strategic problem solving, the CSIS Hills Program on Governance recognizes that the strength of governing institutions, whether private or public, rests on their degree of transparency and accountability. The World Bank supports countries in improving governance and controlling corruption through rigorous and participatory action-oriented learning and capacity-building tools. The Center came into being through the joint efforts of the CSIS Hills Program on Governance, the World Bank and the Graduate School of International Studies of Yonsei University.

The Center will aim to:

  1. Nurture a close and mutually reinforcing working relationships with professional associations, governments, civil society organizations, and research institutions dedicated to supporting and promoting good governance initiatives
  2. Build partnerships to ensure full involvement of major stakeholders, identifying strategies entry points for intervention and collaboration, and advocate good governance
  3. Help create an enabling environment for building consensus, coordinating and sharing expertise, and facilitating further policy dialogue on good governance
  4. Disseminate best practices and raise awareness amongst stakeholders

Dr. Joongi Kim, Executive Director of the Center, believes that the Center will contribute to strengthening inter-sectoral collaboration and building more effective governance structures in the public and private sectors. In this age of growing global interdependence, by encouraging stronger and more effective governance for the international business environment, the Center can ensure more equitable participation in the benefits of globalization, at home and abroad.

Hills Governance Center


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